Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ready for My Close Up...Or Not!

Hello, all! Orianna had her photo shoot for her Christmas card this week, and let's just say she did NOT want to take the picture. At all. She is usually very good about staying still, but for some reason, this was just a challenge. I won't post the picture we actually used on our card until Christmas, but here are some pictures to show you vaguely how the photo shoot went, lol!

I, who is Boo, KNOW how to take a good Christmas picture. I am a seasoned professional. Orianna has come a long way, but she's still got a lot to learn...especially since these CCI folks are always wanting pictures of us!

We cats do not hold for photographs, although we are very photogenic. If a human is lucky enough to capture us, why, they are very fortunate indeed.
Whatever, Roxie...I was just laying under the tree with Roxie, so mom snapped a picture of us, too. Hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into our photo shoot. Back to my nap...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm Ba-a-a-a-a-ck!

Hello! Okay, yes, I realize we seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. But the good news is...we didn't! In my defense, everything happened at once for me: my sister's wedding, a death in the family, I'm doing a community theatre show that is playing right now, and I finished the first draft of my new novel (that's what Orianna is laying on in tha above picture, by the way!) So, here is a big long post to make up for me not posting about Orianna in a looooong time. Oh, wait, I think she wants to tell you herself.
Thanks, Mom. Yes, at six months old, I am a big girl now, weighing in at just under forty pounds (hey! it is big for me!!!) Actually, I'm a little bit of a munchkin, but I make up for it in spirit! So, what have I been up to lately, you're wondering, huh? Well, I went to visit Mom's grandpa at his retirement community. The people there smelled a little funny to me, and mom kept having to remind me not to sniff them. I still say they didn't smell like other people I know. Oh, well, what's a pup to do? They were all nice, though, and I wasa good girl. I got treats for being good and minding my manners. I also went into Barnes and Noble with Mom to buy a book, and the lady at the counter told mom what a good girl I was. Mom didn't need telling...she already knows I am a good girl!

I've been working on Heel lately, and I haven't quite gotten it yet, but I'm learning. I am a very bouncy puppy, so Mom has to try really hard to keep me from bouncing into every command she gives. I can't help it! I am a happy girl!

Well, that's it for now. Will make sure Mom posts more often! Beauty and the Beast will be over Sunday, so hopefully Mom will be back to regular life soon (she has a triple role as a villager/napkin/wolf in the show, and she looks silly, especially as the napkin!!!).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Blog Blackout

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to type a little update about Annabelle and I since it has been too long, and I know everyone knows I usually post at least once a week. I didn't update for a whle leading up to my sister's wedding, and then we had a death in the family here recently, so I just have not been able to keep up. I promise that as soon as the Thanksgiving holiday winds down, I will do a big long, completely satisfying post about all of Orianna's whimsical adventures. Until then, please let it suffice to say she is healthy, happy, and learning well!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Flower Dog

Hi, everyone! Sorry we haven't updated in a sister is getting married on Saturday and so all is utter chaos around here! Anyway, just wanted to post a quick "hi" and "all is well" and I'll be back to more regular posting next week. Just didn't want you to think we'd dropped off the face of the earth since we usually post every few days...

Orianna: Mom is stressed...Aunt Courtney is stressed...weddings apparently take a lot of planning...I wouldn't know...unfortunately, they didn't ask me to be the flower girl :-(

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween (my first one! YAY!) Love, OriannaIt's my favorite day, but probably because my nickname is Boo! Heehee! Have a fun one, love Kekah, aka Thing 1 (please note the one, because I was here first!)

Heh, heh! I have a MAINE! (Haha, get it...Maine coon...Mane....) Roxie was a little more hesitant to get into her costume than I was, although I thought hers was very appropriate...

How utterly humiliating...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Cat's Meow

Hello, hello! It's me, Sawyer, the fat lazy cat. Well, I wanted to share some pictures with all of you, because I think they are quite nice. They are of me. Well, and Orianna, also.

Orianna has had some trouble in recent weeks with wanting to break a stay when Roxie and I come around, so Mom decided she needed extra practice staying in a down with a cat nearby. Naturally, Roxie finds herself otherwise prioritized (what with ruling the household, rolling heads and all...), So I got to be the lucky volunteer. I'm well versed in Dog, as I was adopted after staying in a foster home full to the brim with cats and dogs alike, so I'm pretty easy going.

So, Mom slipped Orianna into her cape (because she can always use practice with that, too), and we started doing downs. All I had to do was lie down nearby, which, if you know me it all, is what I do best. Orianna did great...she just needed a reminder or two to stay put, but a few treats later, I was walking around and swishing my tail in her face and she wasn't budging. Bravo!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hurricane Annabelle

JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! Oh, yeah, forgot where I was for a minute. Hey, it's me, Orianna! I wanted to say hello and tell everyone how things are for me around my neck of the woods. First of all, I want to say, the nosinator ("gentle leader" to you people, but you dogs know what "nosinator" means...) isn't as bad as I had originally thought, and I don't mind it anymore. I actually can do teh "Dress" command, too, which seems to make mom pretty happy.

However, when I'm not training and getting to run (BORN FREE!!!!!) I'm a wild woman! (Cue "Wild Thang" theme music, please). Mom says that it's inevitable that out of all the toys available to me, I will inevitably grab the ONE thing I'm not supposed to have, although after several corrections I am getting better about it. I like to take all of my toys into the kitchen so I can lay on the cool floor and revel in my riches, heeheehee.

I can be good when I want to be good...the trouble is, sometimes I just want to play (JUMP! JUMP!) Sometimes I just have so much energy, I have to get it all out....excuse me for now, I need to go sprint around the room!

It's true, Orianna's is FULL of energy, but she focuses when we're working, so I'm not concerned that it's "excessive" at this point (LOL- I had Rogue, so I KNOW the meaning of "excessive energy"!) Anyway, she's doing really well and basically having fun being "just a dog" when she's out playing in the apartment, learning not to pick up things from the coffee table (this is something that has just recently become an issue) and other manners as such. She's so sweet, though, and doing well! Hope everyone else is great too! We will be getting out last round 'o shots in a week and then we'll be ready to take a few outings. We'll start slow at first, probably up to Barnes and Noble during the afternoon on weekday when it's quiet, something like that. Will let you all know how it goes :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

She is Our Sunshine!

Hi everyone! Orianna is doing great, as always! The more I am around her (which is all the time, lol) the more I am in awe of what a joyful little puppy she is! It never ceases to amaze me how different all three of my CCI puppies have been. If I had to sum them up in a brief statement, Rogue is the lovable goofball, Kekah is the co-dependent cuddlebug, and Orianna, well, she is the little sunshine. I don't know if I had mentioned this, but I did find out that her name actually means "dawn", which I think fits her so perfectly because her personality is just like little rays of light. I would say she is just a mix of Rogue and Kekah: she has Kekah's trainabilty and Rogue's little independent streak. She is a headstrong little puppy, but she is also very motivated by praise and eager to please, which is a good combo.
Right now, we are working on Kennel very hard. She does NOT want to kennel when told, but then again, when she is out in the house playing and the kennel door left open, she will just wander in there on her own and settle in if she's tired. So, it's not that she doesn't like her kennel, it's just that she doesn't like going in if she is not ready to, which is also known as "Orianna Rebel Syndrome". There's that independent streak I was talking about.
But, that independent streak can go two ways, I suppose, assuming we hone it in some. Kekah was not independent enough and therefore had a lot of separation anxiety when she went to AT, so if we can master Orianna's little stubborness, I think it will be a benefit in the long run. Anyway, that's all we've got for tonight! Hope you all are having a pleasant weekend!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Not-So-G-Rated Post

I am Kekah, who is the Boo of this home, and to be honest, we have had a problem recently. No, I have a problem. That's the first step, admitting you have a problem. But the truth is, I don't know any's just in my nature. And even though she shows no interest, I do like to "try" to make sweet, sweet love to Orianna. I am ashamed to admit it. Not only is she my cousin, but she's also 3 years my junior, which in dog years makes her 21 years younger than me. But I am a dog, and this is what I do. Mom stops me anytime she sees me, but I simply cannot help myself. It causes utter and total chaos in our house, so I am trying to quit, but it's a hard habit to break. Sigh...I know, bad, Kekah...bad. But I can't help it!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Puppy's Sold by: Colby Atkins
To be sung to the country song "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)", and with my apologies to John Michael Montgomery...

Well I went down to the Atlanta airport

to pick up something I just couldn’t pass up.

My mind told me I should proceed with caution,

but my heart said,."Go on and love that pup!

So I said 'hey, pretty puppy, I hope you don’t whine,

Cause for a little while you’re gonna be mine, all mine,

I'll do your feeding and be at your beck and call.

'Yeah I've never seen puppy have a coat with that much shine,

man, I’m excited to have her, she's a one of a kind.

I'm goin' once, goin' twice.

I'm sold! to the puppy in the traveling crate,

she's snuggly, she’s cuddly, she’s not irate

She's got a fast wagging tail, black hair, brown eyes,

And I’m about to kiss my heart goodbye!

Well, I swore I wouldn’t fall for her

Cause I know I’ve gotta give her back

But when I started singing it proved

that when I thought I couldn’t get attached I didn’t know jack!

Cause I said 'hey, pretty puppy, I’m the raiser you’re assigned

And at least for now, you’re mine all mine

I'll do your bathing and teach to sit and down.

'Yeah I've never seen any pup lookin’ so cute,

She’s playful, she’s loving, and smart to boot!

I'm goin' once, goin' twice.I'm sold! to the puppy soon to wear a yellow vest.

Well she won my heart, it was no contest,

with her fast wagging tail, black hair, brown eyes,

I think I better kiss my heart goodbye!

Well, we found friendship at the airport that day and I hauled her to my home and away.

And even when she turns in I’ll look back and laugh about how we met that day:

When I said 'hey, pretty puppy, now I’m glad I didn’t decline

When the PPM said for a while you could be mine all mine,

I'm teaching you manners and making sure you pee outside.

'Yeah that day I’d never seen a puppy who was such a mess,

Little did I know how much of my life she’d bless.

I'm goin' once, goin' twice.I'm sold! to the puppy now in my living room,

Her young little life is now in full bloom

She's got a fast wagging tail, black hair, brown eyes,

and I've done kissed my heart goodbye!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Fearless One

Hi everyone, and welcome back to Orianna's family's blog! A few little updates on Annabelle: she's doing great, except GROAN, she has stopped eating the kibble dry, so we're back to mixing it with vita-gravy again. But, she'll get there ("I think she can! I think she can!) I am so proud of her, because she is now holding a sit for me to walk around the room/out of the room, etc. and not moving. The same goes for if Brian is in the room and starts clapping or talking to her, etc. She is still focusing in on me, which is awesome. Another thing that I was proud of her for was there has been a lot of rain today, and when I take her outside I pop open that umbrella...but no startle at all! I was happy, because Kekah did have a startle in the past to that same thing when she was Orianna's age. Orianna wants to chat:

Hello, friends! My mom is so proud of me because I don't run when she opens an umbrella...they get so excited, moms, over the dumbest things, huh? As for the kibble, I'm picky. There, I said it. I just want it to be yummy! During the day I am so good for mom and work hard, but in the evening I'm a wild-woman! So, it's off to run a muck around the office while mom types. By the way- get excited, because Kekah and I are going to be wearing AWESOME costumes for Halloween...but I'm not telling what yet! It's a surprise! See ya! (Oh, that white cat wants to say something, so I better let her...she scares me!)

Yeah, yeah, it's me, Roxie. I just wanted to point out to all of you that today marks the 1 1/2 year anniversary of my captivity. My assassination attempts on the humans have been futile. So now I'm being affectionate in order to lure them into a false sense of security before I sneak in and make my escape...shh...don't tell!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Eating: All the Cool Kids are Doing it!

So, I have some great news: Orianna ate dry kibble today with no sauce, gravy, or whatnot mixed in with it! I know that seems like it wouldn't be a huge deal, but trust me, it's a major breakthrough! She is eating about 2 1/2 cups a day, which still isn't a whole lot, but is getting better considering that's definitely up from 1! She hasn't been a big eater since she got here, but it does seem like over time her appetite is slowly picking up. We had our next vet visit today and Orianna weighed in at 21.9 pounds, which the vet said is not AS much weight as she should be gaining, but she is in good body condition and there is no problem, so she's doing well for now so we're going to keep doing what we're doing. If all goes well, hopefully her appetite will continue to pick up and she'll get up to a full 3 cups soon. Well, I think that's all we've got for now!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tooth Fairy Circling the Neighborhood

Hey Gang, it's Sawyer- mom will be here in a minute, but I want to warn you, this post is not for the squeamish! Only the lion-hearted like me! But breaking news: Orianna has lost a front tooth, and we actually FOUND it! (Cheers from all as Mom plastic baggies it for her scrapbook...picture at right, although you can barely see the darned tooth. Back to my nap, this is less exciting than I thought it would be...look at the size of that thing--eeny meeny!)

I see NOTHING to cheer about...that is absolutely repulsive! UGH! Blood, teeth, little bits of skin...makes me want to vomit!Oh. go cough up a hairball Roxie! I, who is Boo, am excited that she's losing her baby teeth because it means she's growing up! Whoa, wait...that may not be a good thing...she might get BIGGER than me and then I won't be able to boss her around...YIKES!

Quiet Down guys! It's me, Brian, and the picture to the side is Orianna being excited when Georgia won the football game in overtime on Saurday! Whoohoo!

So, apparently my impatient household has already told you the news, that we found a baby tooth. We were so excited just because we knew she was losing teeth, but we hadn't found one yet and I've always tried to find and save one of each of my pup's baby teeth for their scrapbook. Corny, maybe, but I love 'em!

Orianna is having a good week so far, although I think that she may have been Tigger in another life..."their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs! She bouncy, flouncy, pouncy, trouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!" She likes to HOP...hope when I say "here", Hop OVER the baby gate, hop when she's oh my! We're working on it is all I can say!

Friday, September 21, 2007

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

It's Super Anna! Yeah, I know, I am NOT supposed to jump over the baby gate/knock down the baby gate (Orianna, DON'T!!!!). But it's just, well, I see it standing there, and I think, hey, maybe I could make it over. And mom is turned, I go for it! Whoops, I didn't clear it, but the force of me hitting it knocks it over. Yes! I've escaped. I'm running like the wind through the apartment, running to where Kekah's bowl is, because maybe there is leftover water (I can't have water after 7:00 pm because I still can't hold it all night if I do...) I hear mom on my heels...MUST....RUN...FASTER! I feel hands scoop under me! She's caught me! Oh well, I'm so glad I'm getting picked up that I forgot what I was doing in the first palce. I give Mom a big,w et kiss on the lips (I'm not supposed to do that either, but I can always tell it's harder for Mom to correct me for this...she does, but I know she still secretly wants my kisses anyway!) Mom puts me back into the baby gate, and I do a sit and a down for her, showing her I really CAN be a good girl...if I want to be, heehee....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

E.T. Phone Home

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Orianna's blog! Orianna is doing super this week. We're working on Let's Go, which she is doing well with but has only been working on it a short time. We're alos working on here, which she does well with except for the fact that she HOPS to you like a cricket instead of walks to you, so we're working on, um, not being QUITE so enthusiastic on our Here! Well, some of the other family members have, well, demanded that they be allowed to post tonight (and also that pictures of them be included beside their posts), so without further ado, I'll let Sawyer go first since he's oldest.

Thanks, Mom! Well, as you all know, as resident Garfield of the house, I don't really get off my bum a whole terrible lot, but occassionally I do sneak a peek at what Orianna is doing, you know, during that time when I'm rolling over and peer out to make sure the world is still turning between my naps. Thing is, she actually wakes me up from my naps sometimes with her crazy GRUNTS! We have all talked about how she grunts louder than Kekah, but we've finally come to a consensus on what she sounds like: E.T.!!! Turning it on over to Kekah, now, who I sometimes sit outside the babygate with (see pic below) to watch Orianna's training sessions...

I, who am Kekah-Boo, am a little upset about the fact that I didn't get to go first...I know I'm not the oldest, but I was here first, and as the only former CCI pup in this house (the only other PUP in this house besides Anna, period!) I think I know more about dog things. She's doing really well. She's getting better about not chewing things she not supposed to, so all those Don'ts are finally sinking in. She had a little bit of a tummy issue earlier in this week (diarrhea, ugh), but that seems cleared up now. Roxie?

Well, let me say that I resent that I am going last, but you know what they say about saving the BEST...Anyhow, a BIT of a tummy issue? That MONGREL was using the bathroom on the FLOOR! Doesn't she at least know to make it to the box if you have to go? I, of course, know that her giving up chewing on furniture is a sign of weakness, a sign that she has resigned herself to life as a subordinate. Oh, well, there was never much hope for her anyway- she's not a cat.

Um, thanks Roxie. Well, that's about it from our end. We've had a nice Saturday and it's past Anna's bedtime! Nighty night!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

She was a Splishin' and a Splashin'

Hey Everybody, it's Brian. I thought I'd get on and write a little bit about our morning since Colby's too tired to right now, and I don't blame her! Orianna was up this morning around 5 having bouts of diarrhea, so Colb got up and cleaned her crate and we gave her a bath. Colb had the vet look at her and the vet put her on antibiotics for a bacterial infection, so hopefully that'll knock it out. If not, we'll get a poop sample next week to send off to the lab to test for someother things, Colby says.

So, it's been a long day. We closed Orianna in our bathroom why we had to be away today instead of the crate, just because her tummy had been upset and that way if she did have an accident she could get out of it and not get disgusting. We had been sure we hadn't left anything that she could get to in that bathroom...we overlooked something. Well, Colby came home from practice (she's helping the high school' drama production) and Orianna had gloriously strewn toilet paper around the room. Oh, well, at least she didn't have any more diarrhea!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Finer Things in Life

One thing I, Orianna, LOVE is peanut butter. I don't get to have some very often, but BOY when I do, that's some good stuff. The hard part, though, is they tuck it down in this red rubber tunnel and hide it in there so you have to dig it out. Why not just put it in the bowl like the other food? It'd make it a lot easier, for crying out loud!! (And yes, I know I have peanut butter on my nose in one or two of the what?!)

My mom has started walking me on nothing but my nosinator (she calls is gentle leader, but I prefer to think of it as the Nosinator). I am not pleased with this development, although I tolerate it because if I'm good while it's on I can usually get a treat out of it. I am really good at walk on a loosh leash, and am starting to be expected to be by mom's left knee...I think if I have to get any closer to that knee she might start tying us together...I don't know what she means by it...but the words "Let's Go" get said a lot, so maybe I'll figure it out.

I've heard my brothers and sisters have been having tummy aches, so my heart goes out to you. I hope you feel better! Thankfully, my tummy has been okay for the most part. Mom is finally serving up a yummier dish, which is still that boring old kibble, but now it's covered with some kind of sauce that makes it at least decent.

Well, I better's my bedtime (past it, now that I think about it!) Love, Orianna AKA Annabelle~

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Gravy Train

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Orianna's blog.
She is doing really great--her command work is going well. She now knows SIT, doing the implied stay until release, which is HUGE!!! She is now doing DOWN without help, but still needs luring, and right now she won't do the down if I'm standing up above her, so that's something we'll be working on, one step at a time. She's working on wait, still with a hand cue at the moment. The newest thing we've added to our arsenal this week is SHAKE...I was so proud of her because I started her on it one day and she had it down pat in the same day, and now she will do a shake when asked without even having a treat. Awesome!

She had stopped eating again, which is tough because we've been checked out by the vet and there's no tummy problem or teeth problem: the problem simply seems to be that she gets sick of the food. How I figured this is out it because she'll eat a new food for a few days like she loves it, and then BAM! She'll start only picking at it. So, rather than change foods constantly, we've taken to using Vita-gravy, this really nasty sauce-like stuff you can buy that gives the food different flavors so I can change it up for the morning we'll have beef sauce, in the evening we'll have bacon or chicken. Anyway, this is something we'll wean her off of gradually, but for now, the main concern is for her to eat and to eat "dry" kibble, even if we do have to entice her a little bit. If she doesn't eat she won't be doing anyone any good, including herself! So for now, Vita-gravy it is.

She got a new stuffed cow toy the other day (Kekah got a moose of the same variety) and now she tends to carry it everywhere she goes. Her legs are shooting up a little more and I can tell she's getting taller even though she's still a tiny little thing.

Well, that's it for now--hope everyone has a lovely Labor Day!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Junkyard Dawg

Hey guys-it's Brian. Well, if you know anything about me, you know I love sports, and more than that I love Georgia football. So, we had to get Orianna started off right. The first game of the season is tomorrow, so we taught her how to call the dawgs and she's ready for tomorrow's game! GOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS! SIC 'EM! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just Call her Chew-bacca

Look out world, here comes Orianna, and she's hungry for life! Ok, well, maybe not hungry, but definitely in the mood to chew...everything! You have to watch this one every minute...she like to chew anything she can get her mouth on, including flip-flops (people who come over to swim that don't know to pick them up have a surprise!) or the sides of chairs. And she's sneaky about it...she will look all sweet and innocent until you turn your head, and that's when she'll grab the chair leg. But she does know don't and will stop when corrected, it's just that she tends to go back for more if she thinks she'll get away with it...which she's not going to...sorry, Annabelle!

Annabelle has also decided that she will take up "lonely barking" as a hobby in her crate. Now, this is tough one because she never does it, even if I'm not in the room with her, if she knows I'm still CLOSE. It's when she hears me leave the next room that the "fun" starts. So, I have had to get sneaky...I PRETEND to leave the next room and then hide just beyond the doorway where she can't see or hear me, so she thinks I've gone...then, when she barks, I leap into action from behind the door with my bitter apple spray (we don't use vinegar/water because she actually seems to like the vinegar...). Point one goes to the puppy raiser!

She's doing good with command work. She is learning "Wait" and is doing very well with it. She will do a "Wait" while I place her bowl down with her food until I release her, which is great because usually this is one of the times when the pup's are LESS keen to Wait, when food is involved!

Well, that's it for now. We'll do some more updates later this week!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nylabones are for Amateurs

Don't let that angelic face fool you...
Hey, so I know that CCI puppies are supposed to be the picture of obedience, the perfect listeners. And I can play that role...but deep down inside, I am a REBEL! I love to run, the wind blowing in my face, ears flying behind me! I love to chew everything...the chair, the rug, you name it. I get corrected, but I laugh in the face of correction. HAHA! I laugh! I spit in its face! HA! When I run, I am demon-like! Posessed! HAHAHAHA (evil laugh)! I throw off my gentle leader and stomp on it in protest!

Well, okay, okay, so maybe SOME of that was a little exaggerated, but I really do like to run and chew. But maybe I exaggerated a little about not caring about corrections...I really don't like to have my cruff shaked or chin bopped...and I didn't ever really spit. Spitting is gross. And so maybe Mom won't let me take off my gentle leader...and maybe I don't act like a demon...

LOL- you guys bought it, didn't you! With a mom that's an author, I'm learning more than sit around here, huh? Haha. Love you all! Orianna~

Monday, August 20, 2007

Breaking News

Ladies and Gentleman, this just in: Colby Atkins can now exclusively report that Orianna has done her very first "down" without help! We go to our field correspondent, Sawyer for details:

Yes, Mom, I was standing by in outside the baby gate when this incredible story took place. I had gotten out of the recliner when I smelled the hotdog, because I the smell of food could bring me from the ends of the earth. But I digress. Anyway, I saw the little black one just as she slid into the sphinx position, and it was truly marvelous. I'll send it over to Roxie now, who is standing by in the newsroom...back to my nap. Roxie?

Yes, yes, I am just overwhelmed with emotion. The mongrel layed down. Whoopie. I do it all day. What's the big deal? Talk to someone who cares...Boo?

Well, I, who am Boo, of course, realize what an accomplishment this is! Her first down! I am so proud, Mini-me! So proud! I only wish that Daddy was here to see...he's out of town for business, unfortunately, but we will surely let him know! We shall overcome! Good work, Mini-me! I know some commands are tough, but I knew you'd get it eventually...back to Mom!

As you can see, the whole family is thrilled (with the exception of Roxie) at this thrilling turn of events. More on this incredible story of triumph at 5, 6, and 11...until then, bye bye for now!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Granny Grunt

Hey everyone! Boo here. Thought I'd give all a little update on little Mini-me.

She's doing good. She's a fun little toy to have around, ya know? I like to play with her even though sometimes they put a baby gate between her and me if mom's not in the mood to referee :-) I play with her a lot, though.

They used to call me Granny Grunt before she got here, but they call her that now, because BOY does she grunt. It's so funny! She sounds funny...I laugh at her!

I get jealous when Mom trains with her sometimes because she gets to have little pieces of hotdog when she is practicing down. Mom says she has to use the hotdog because Mini-me isn't interested enough in food for it to lure her to do any commands, but that hotdog does the trick! I think Mini-me would start walking on her two hind legs like those weird PEOPLE if they gave her a piece of hotdog for it!

Well, gotta run. Mom's coming and can't let her catch me on the 'puter or it'd give away my secret...that I can read! If she ever found out, she'd probably start making me edit her book for her...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Casual Diner

Hello, hello! Orianna is doing great, and this week we've made some progress. She is finally not pawing at her gentle leader so badly, although I can tell she still loathes it deeply (which I think you can tell by the picture). We've made a lot of progress on wait, and she will do a "wait" when I put down her food bowl before I say "release" when she goes to eat. She is still a casual diner, and is eating only about two cups a day, but this is better than when she first arrived, when she was only eating about a handful of food a day.

The fact that she's not so interested in food is a bit challenging, because it's hard to lure a pup to do a command if she's not interested in the lure! So, I've been experimenting with treats to find something she'll really be interested in and "follow" the down. She is good at sit, but when I try to get her to follow a treat to do a down, once the treat goes down, she just stops worrying about it. So, I've tried several brands of treats, but I think I may have to bring out the big guns: the hot dogs. I had some success with this with Rogue by putting some kibble in a baggie with a few hotdog pieces just enough to give the kibble an extra yummy flavor. So, I think that may be where I'm headed with Annabelle.

So, I'm off for now...see you soon!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Dreaded "Down"

Hey! It's me, Orianna! I have just finished breakfast about a half an hour ago and I got on to let y'all (yes, "y'all"...I live in Georgia now!) what I've been up to!

I am starting to think these people I live with are a little bit crazy. They try to get me to DO things when they say certain words (yeah, I know it's weird...). But they just seem so happy when I actually do it, so sometimes I humor them. I mean, it takes so little to make them thrilled, who am I to deny them the pleasure of watching me put my tush on the ground? And who would have thought that people would CHEER when I PEE???? It is so weird!

But there is this one thing they keep doing that doesn't make sense to me: they will take a piece of food and put it at my nose and then between my paws like they want me to follow it. Well, obviously if it is between my paws, I can't get it, so I just ignore them. But the fact that I don't follow it just doesn't seem to make them happy the way it does when I put my tush on the I am still trying to figure out exactly what they are wanting me to do. I'll let you know how it goes...I mean, if any of YOU know what the heck is going on, please let me know because I am clueless!
And another weird thing they do is put this blue thing on my nose sometimes (I like to think of it as the Nosinator, because like the Terminator, I am at its mercy)...well, frankly, it's quite itchy and uncomfortable, but they correct me if I try to scratch it and tell me how good I am when I don't, so I have to leave the Nosinator on until one of the people decides they've seen me wear it long enough.

Well, I better go. Time to play with Sonic, my squeaky hedgehog!