Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ready for My Close Up...Or Not!

Hello, all! Orianna had her photo shoot for her Christmas card this week, and let's just say she did NOT want to take the picture. At all. She is usually very good about staying still, but for some reason, this was just a challenge. I won't post the picture we actually used on our card until Christmas, but here are some pictures to show you vaguely how the photo shoot went, lol!

I, who is Boo, KNOW how to take a good Christmas picture. I am a seasoned professional. Orianna has come a long way, but she's still got a lot to learn...especially since these CCI folks are always wanting pictures of us!

We cats do not hold for photographs, although we are very photogenic. If a human is lucky enough to capture us, why, they are very fortunate indeed.
Whatever, Roxie...I was just laying under the tree with Roxie, so mom snapped a picture of us, too. Hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into our photo shoot. Back to my nap...


Maddie said...

Tyanna's recall letter came today with the following statement:

Tyanna, with a birth date of 4.19.07, will return for Advanced Training in 8/1/2008.

Does this mean that the "for sure" date is August 1, or is it implying that she will be turned in any time during august of '08?

CCI pup said...

Haha! I love her expression ! She has the funniest ears!. Oswego has big golden ears!.
Is Orianna a rambunctious girl? She sounds like Opal (sister) when we saw Opal she was high on life. Next puppy i would like would be a puppy that is rambunctious. Mr. Oswego likes to sleep! You are one luck puppy Raiser, to have her!