Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008--Year of the Dog!

Okay, so maybe I made that whole "Year of the Dog" thing up...I really have no idea. But in our house, it is year of the dog! YAY! It is past midnight and so is 2008, and I, Orianna am excited about ringing in the new year. 2007 was a busy year for me, so let's recap, shall we?

May 28, 2007...I was born! My sisters and brothers and I came into the world where we spent eight weeks with our mom, Senta and our breeder/caretaker Martha before heading out to find our places in the world

July 25, 2007...next stop, Macon, Georgia! I get my official nickname, "Annabelle" and meet my new friend Kekah. They drank a lot of sweet tea, and it was H-O-T, much more so than where I came from. I don't know about this...

August 2007...my first puppy classes, where I work on sit, down, and let's go. I have to wear that silly nosinator (or gentle leader, as some call it). Upside: I get a lot of treats!

September 2007...I learn that football in the South is like a religion, and everyone here eat, sleeps, and breathes it. My Daddy gives me a toy football, which I still like to play with.

October 2007...I dress up as Thing Two for Halloween and move out of Mom and Dad's bedroom and into my big-girl crate in the living room. I now know several commands and have stopped trying steal things off of the coffee table.

November 2007...I take my first public outings (other than puppy class) and wear my big girl cape, which had to have the strap sewn a little tighter to fit me because I am so small. Yep, I'm a little girl :-) I also had my big girl vaccines!

December 2007...SANTA CAME!!!!!! And he brought me a FROGGIE for Christmas!!! And yes, Georgia has gotten to me...I can't wait to watch the Dawgs play in the Sugar Bowl tomorrow, and I now say things like, "bless your heart" and "y'all". What can I say? A lot of humans down here wear shirts that say GRITS: Girls Raised in the South. Yep, that's me.

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