Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shadow of a Boo

Sometimes I, who is Boo, wonder whatever Orianna will do without me. I teach her all kinds of stuff (Drop, not to chase cats, most effective way to get peanut butter out of kong). True, she sometimes annoys me, but I have to take the newbies under my wing (paw). How else would she learn. But then, I know in several months she'll have to strike out on her own (don't know why I talk about this now...she still has a while!) and I wonder what she will do then. She will not have dog to follow around and annoy. Will be hard. She will have to annoy kennelmate, instead, most likely.
Hey, It's Sawyer, and I'm glad I'm not Kekah...Orianna follows her everywhere she goes. So, I sit up here, watching safely and amusing myself at Kekah's plight. Here's the story that goes with the picture at the top: Kekah NEVER goes into a crate anymore, not since she was released from CCI. She's never needed to. Anyway, the other day, Orianna was following her and wouldn't stop trying to play. Kekah was tired, I could tell...I know the look well, since I have it on my own face most of the time. Anyway, she went into Orianna's crate to try to get away from her...I think she was hoping Mom would shut her in there so at least in the crate she'd have some peace. Nope. Orianna went right on in with her! Well, Roxie would post, but apparently she's busy bathing. She'll catch it next time. Goodnight!

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pink_meadow24 said...

I did not know you had this blog.

I was reading the latest posts and when I got to the part in this one where it's Sawyer talking, I realized something. I'm cracking up right now.

Up until Sawyer, I would hear your voice reading all the posts. Then when I started reading Sawyer's narrative, the voice changed! It took on this sexy, deep voice! It was so weird. I got about halfway through his paragraph before I realzied it! Hahahahahaha.