Monday, February 18, 2008

Pass with Flying Colors

So first my apologies for having been a lazy blogger and lazy for not uploading new pictures off of my camera for a while. They are there, I promise...I just haven't done it yet! Coming soon to a blog near you, though!

Tonight brought an unexpected and quite frightening test: a couple of tornadoes swept through Macon this evening. Don't worry! We're all fine. Just fine. But, as I'm hearing the weather sirens go off tonight, I'm trying to heard all of my animals to safety. The contingency plan is this: two cats in the walk-in closet, Kekah and Brian in the bathroom, me and Orianna in the laundry room. We are lucky in that we have several great rooms with no windows. So, Orianna and I chilled in the laundry closet for twenty minutes until danger had passed. And I must say, even though I was quite hysterical, Orianna was JUST fine. Kekah was freaking out some, panting and such, so we could tell she could sense the weather. Orianna just hung out, calm as a cucumber. I was very proud.

So, there's our little update. I promise I'll come back this week and post a sufficiently long update with pictures. I have been bad--slaps self on wrist--will do better!

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